Monday, August 17, 2015


Life isn't fair.

It isn't.

I know that, but when bad things happen to people as amazing as the woman in this picture, it makes me question all over again.


I met Krista back in my college years when I was working as a counselor at a Christian camp. She was a friend of my roomate and came to visit. I was only in her presence for a couple of days, but I remember she was such a kind and wonderful girl who was a true joy to be around.

Krista went on to become a nurse, get married, and have a precious little boy. Then 6 months after the birth of her little miracle, she was told she had invasive metastatic breast cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes, liver, ovaries, spine, and pelvis.

Why God? Why?

She started writing a blog to share her journey with others.

It is a painfully honest look into the day to day of what she has endured. I cried more than once reading about the struggles she was going through, all while trying to be the mother she wanted to be to her precious boy.

One of the hardest posts to read was when she went on a mini vacation for a couple days to write letters and record video of herself for her son so that he could have a piece of her during the key moments of his life. She made sure that if she couldn't be there, he would have a letter to read on every birthday, graduation, wedding day, etc.

She fought so hard. She wanted to beat this. She believed in God's healing. And though she had her angry moments where she asked God "why?", she never waivered in her trust in Him and His plan.

Today her battle ended and she ran into the arms of her Savior. She is whole again. Free. She was ready to go.....her body weary and unable to fight the cancer any longer.

She was 4 days shy of making it to her son's 3rd birthday. 


I can't stop the tears from flowing as I write this. My prayers are for her family as they have to figure out a way to go on without her. I can't image the pain they are enduring in this moment.

To her husband and son, I pray that God will allow the wonderful memories of Krista to bring you joy in the days to come. That Matias will remember the sweet sound of his mama's voice and comfort of her touch. That he will know how hard she fought to stay with him as long as she could. I pray Xhevat will find strength to make it through the difficult moments where it hurts to breathe and you feel you can't take another step. God, give him the strength he needs to be both mom and dad to their precious little boy. 

God, be near them. Remind them of your constant presence even in the small moments.

You have left your footprint on this earth in so many ways Krista. You changed me and I barely got to know you. I can only imagine the impact you had on all who loved you.

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